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Hi i just want to introduce Bailey:)

I had a few worries if you look at my earlier posts regarding the breeder/introducing Bailey to layla our bulldog.

Regarding layla i needn't of bothered they get on just fine, i was given good advice on how to introduce them on my last post, thankyou.:D

We let her sniff around the pup cage and bailey was licking her through the gaps, it was so lovely to see, after a while we put layla on her lead and they had a little fumble around on the floor i can't believe how gentle layla is with her as she tends to really not like other dogs atall.

Regarding the breeder problems, Bailey has been vet checked de-fleaed, micro chipped and just needs her second set of jabs, my partner said the breeder was great and the kennels were immaculate, he was shown the parents who were a (mum) black/white show cocker and the (dad) a choclate/apricot minature poodle, i am so so pleased, he has reasurred me that he will be fine, ray the breeder said if i have any problems to give him a call anytime.

Bailey himself is a bundle of joy, he had a little accident number 1 and 2 but after a couple of hours has started to use the paper provided for his business,
He is chewing everything in sight, i'm going to buy a bite spray tommorow so hopefully he wont damage any of my furniture, he seems to be chewing the metal frame on my table and the metal trim on my unit (i think he likes metal).
He's already enjoyed lots of cuddles on the sofa from my 3 yr old daughter who has fallen straight in love with him and he seems to love her too.
So everything is going just fine at the minute:D


1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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