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Update on Rosie

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Had Rosie to the vets yesterday and she was given a clean bill of health,But she does not get her first jab until Saturday, the vets like them to settle into their new homes first. Came away with a 1Kg bag of Hills food, a lead, a months free insurance, and she goes to a puppy party on Monday night.
Still no accidents and she is no bother in her crate, and I am getting good nights sleep.
Both have had a great time playing today, here is a video.


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How brill that she is so healthy! They are both gorgeous, I totally need a black pup! xx
That's so nice to see them both playing together. Fab! They will be great companions. Exactly why we're going to get another one. :)

Oh and I love Rosie's white socks and the fact that she looks like she was getting ready in a hurry and forgot to put one on (a bit like me some mornings!).
Lovely to see them playing, Poppy is very gentle with her. Lovely glossy coats! :)
Awwwwwww.............that video is absolutely adorable :love-eyes::love-eyes:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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