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went to the Glasgow vet school rodio, only forums out about it an hour before it started so we were late arriving. it was fab, we hadn't been to that one in 4 years. last time we went we only had gypsy and Inca. it was a good day out, but wish we had got there earlier.

we got to meet Beau a wee cockapoo belonging to one of the members on here(puppylove ?), lol it was her owner who recognized my pack lol and I'm so sorry for not knowing who you were but it was lovely too meat you and your cute wee girl.

we then met a big landseer who knows the breeder our friends got Jabba from(quit probably a relation to Jabba)

they even had a sea life center down from oben which was fab

Australian miniature labradoodal

this was fab, i never got to try it but still thought it was a fun idea. it was a dummy backend of a horse so the vet students could show people what they feel when the stick their arm in their bum.

this cute wee puppy i think he was a bichon x lakeland terrier

duck herding

i want a burger too

this was a cocker x Tibetan

i saw this wee guy from afar and thought it was a cockapoo but her was a lurcher puppy

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