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Vincents holiday

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So I'm shipping off to Brussels for a work meeting today, and my boyfriend is coming along for a mini break in Europe with me. So yesterday we dropped Vincent off at his breeders who will be looking after him until Saturday.
I knew I'd be sad when we left him but I was in tears most of the 2 hour journey home :( :( :( I was so upset!

I was happy to see him around other dogs as he's not really had that opportunity here, when we left he was happily running around with his cocker spaniel auntie. Buuuut I miss him already so much!! I am just counting down the days until Saturday when we can get him back ; ;

Although got a message soon after we left saying that he did the biggest poop the breeder had ever seen from such a little dog :cool: That's my boy!!!
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Have a great break in Brussels, I am sure Vincent will have fun at the breeders! :)
Have a good trip...it's true - we miss them more than they miss us:(
Enjoy your break .. he will be having so much fun, please try to enjoy your time away .. but I do understand how attached we become to our cockapoos .. its cockapoo love :)
Well we're in Brussels - staying at a Hilton...never felt so out of place in my life!

We both miss Vincent soooo much but have been sent some super cute photos of him knawing on a bone so we know he's ok!! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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