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Walkies , how far

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I know that young puppies should not be over walked due to young bones etc, but how far a day is it considered safe and ideal to walk, thanks:)
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Jayne, you're brilliant, you seem to be a bit ahead of us in everything, so I can just follow your lead :D
Talking of leads, what can people recommend for off road walkies? Are flexileads are a no-no? I plan to get Izzy offlead asap for beach at the bottom of our garden.
I tried Izzy in the baby carrier - not great, didin't feel too safe, so I have a rucksack like Bini used for Cider and we'll give that a go. My plan is to take Izzy out with Phoebe, and carry her in it when she gets tired :)
Thanks Adam, we have the beach literally at the bottom of the garden, and if she did run off she'd most likely run home I imagine. I'll probably just go for it once we can get out! My older dog comes back and Izzy follows her everywhere jsut now. Your advice makes a lot of sense :)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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