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Hi Sarah

Our cockapoo, Bonnie goes for 15 minutes a day, which was suggested to us by our trainer. I was surprised it was so little but as Julie mentioned a general rule is 5 minutes per 4 weeks of age. Not sure how long you increase things for??

The trainer also said to find a big, safe open space and let her off the lead, which we did last week for the first time....My daughter came with me to our local park...and we were both really worried to let her 'be free', but Bonnie was fine. She sniffed around for a bit but didnt stray too far at all. We had our pockets stuffed with treats to encourage her back to us. It was such a joy to see her choose to stay with us! Go for it. You will feel so pleased once you've done it. Best of luck. Let us know how you get on.
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