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Walking in the New Forest

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Its a big place the New Forest. Has anyone found some good circular walks. I can't make up my mind where to start. Preferably with a place to stop for refreshments !

After being cooped up yesterday because of the major downpour it will be nice to get out and about today :D
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I love the new forest!!! So beautiful and weather should be good after yesterday. We always take a trip to Burley, a good pub and a wonder through the village is lovely. I can't say I know of any circular walk specifically as the forest is so big we just tend to wander and see where we end up. Have a lovely time where ever you go x
Ha ha ha .. oh Julie you make me laugh .. a great place to start a cuppa coffee/ tea and a nice new forest cupcake or 2 :) :)
Nice dog friendly pub at Fritham ! If you go past it about 1/2 mile there's a car park and walks.
Also the High Corner Inn at Linford , its down an unmade road in the middle of nowhere but also dog friendly and walks on doorstep.
Burley a nice village for a a wander and a tea break, but its always busy !
Thank you for suggestions. I'll let you know how I get on. ;)
Might have to digress to the bournemouth airshow today and forest tomorrow. I'll get the map out to see the areas suggested :)
If you have kids try Moors Valley country park - great for the whole family. We are in the New Forest (Bashley) for a week from Sunday, so are planning out our week. If you know of any day care in the area for when we are going to Paultons Park, please let me know.
Ventured into the New Forest and ended up walking from Beaulieu to Bucklers Hard. A lovely forest and water front walk.

But Millie started off the walk by being really naughty! I let her off the lead too soon and she went straight into a private horse field and promptly ran around and ate horse poo. Poor hubby tried to get her back but she was having none of it. I did manage to get her back, but by then she was in hubby's bad books :mad:

After that she ran happily through the muddy water and basically did her own thing for half an hour or so. I did get her back under control on the return journey and she was very good at Stop, Stay and Come - all of which seemed to mean nothing to her at the start!.

But oh boy was she muddy. Straight home for a long bath. She's now next door being spoilt by my neighbours who love looking after her.

Sorry MicheleE, I don't know any local dog sitters. Have you tried googling?
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