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Walking on a lead

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Charley has been able to go for walks for a week now. How can I get him to walk nicely? He darts from left to right and backwards and forwards in excitment I can hardly control him. Everyone we meet, even if they are 50 metres away he is straining to get to them for a fuss up. Then he rolls over for a 'tummy tickle' even in the dirty snowy ice (he happens to be blonde in colour when we start the walk and a muddy colour when we return!) I can't walk him to school when I take the kids because he just wants to lick everyone and jump up them and not everyone wants that. Are all cockapoos so affectionate? Help please!!!!
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I give him a quick tug when he walks away after 2 or 3 of theses he back to walking by my side. But when he goes behime me to swap sides, I dont move I let him move, he hates this because he feels his missing out on something so he goes right back to my side. This is getting better and better each day. I also dont have him on a long lead, nice and short for now - hope this helps
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