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Hi Ali

When Izzy is in her crate she is inactive and she likes to be clean:) When you leave her out of the crate she will most certainly be moving around and this will shorten the length of time she's able to hold her bladder. Being able to move around she can do a wee away from herself and in her mind is still clean. The fact that you found a wee by the front door would suggest she had looked to go outside. If she's playing with Phoebe it can just creep up on a pup and oop's Izzy need's to go:eek:
Although I am quite confident our two are clean:):) No accidents for a long while now, but if we were to leave them out of their crate at night or during the day when were out we would have the same problem's your encountering now:eek:
We will continue to use the crate for some time, they are happy with it and they know the score:cool: Just a thought;)
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