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We're going on holiday

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On Thursday I'm packing the kids and the dog and the best friend into my car and we're driving off to my friend's parent's caravan in Wales!

This is the first time Rosie has been away with us, the longest car journey she's made and the first time she's not been in her cage in a room on her own at night. A lot of firsts!

I've bought a fabric travel cage for her to sleep in (mainly to try and protect the caravan!) and I was going to put some vet bed in that and her toys. She'll be sleeping in the living room on the floor next to the pull out bed that I'll be sleeping on. Has anyone got any tips for me after having taken their doggies on holiday with them? We're planning lots of trips to the beach and a ride on a steam train so I'm hoping (weather permitting) that we won't be stuck in the caravan during the day, and that in the evening, she'll just be so tired that she'll sleep.
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We take Lady on Road trips about 4 hrs away all the time....she likes being in her crate where she can see me...we have a travel crate that we use. so she sleeps right next to the bed....and with all the excitement...she sleeps longer hours.
Aaaaaw! Have a lovely time!! (No tips - haven't had a hol yet!! :)) x
Sounds fantastic! I'm sure you'll all have a great time.
We took Rascal to Cornwall, a 6 hr journey towing our caravan when he was 14wks old and repeated it last yr with Scamp at 14 wks and Rascal 14 mths.
They both travelled really well, we stopped once for them, and they slept most of the way.
They wear harnesses and are plugged into the seatbelts.
They both loved the beaches and all the walking and were probably extra tired, so were good at night.
Take some familiar toys, blankets etc , you'll probably find no probs at all, the only thing we had when we got home was crying at night for a couple of nights when they were first put to bed. Only about half an hour, I think this was because they had got used to sleeping in the same space as us, and at home they sleep downstairs !
Good luck and enjoy !!
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