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We're new!

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Hey everyone,
Just saying hello and thanks to all the useful tips we have read on here.
We have just put down a deposit on our beautiful apricot boy, Bear. He is 2.5 weeks old and we cant wait to bring him home.
We are getting prepared for his arrival but would welcome any tips anyone has on essentials to get/do/remember!
Thanks x
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Hi, and welcome, do you have any pics of little Bear??
Tip #1 get lots of sleep now...the first few nights with my pup were rough and sleepless.
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hey welcome, do you have any photos of Bear yet

so what have you got in you puppy preperation list lol
Hi and welcome! Would love to see a picture of Bear if you have one. Where are you getting him from, have you had to travel far? :)

Yes, I'd agree with getting plenty of sleep now - both my girls were early risers!! :D
hey welcome,bet you are really excited,bear sounds lovely.Like everyone else id love to see pics of little bear,he must be really tiny just now.Im sure over the weeks leading up to pick up day you will get lots of tips from the forum,its fab!:)
Hi there good luck with little Bear ... Im assuming your Mummy Bear !! Cant wait to see him x
Welcome to the Forum. Looking forward to seeing pictures of little Bear - original name. :)
Hello and welcome. As the new mummy of a 9 week old (only just collected her) I can confirm that get sleep in now as it is hard to come by once you have Bear home. On the plus side the funny things they do make up for the lack of sleep :)
Welcome, what a cute name you've chosen. The countdown to Bear coming home is on :)
welcome Bear & Family ...

Countdown until Bear comes home .. how exciting (love the name Bear ..perfect name)

I am in Berkshire,another local family in Berkshire becoming cockapoo mad :)

Where did you get Bear from? Try to get some pics from the breeder and post loads .. we love pics on here

Enjoy the forum.
I guess I can say "Welcome" too even though I've only made 25 posts well 26 now. The Forum is truely useful always someone with just the information and experience you need. My Little Flo will be home with us in two weeks and I'm sure I will have so many questions for everyone!!
Yes photos of Bear a very good idea. We were able to visit Flo two weeks ago when she was 5 weeks old. What a difference!! Hope you get to see Bear when she's a bit bigger!!!
Wendy and Little Flo x
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Welcome! What a brilliant name, I hope that he is a chunky, fluffy, cuddly, loveable Bear too.

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What a lovely chumfy name,your own little Teddy Bear...cute x
Hey all,

Thanks so much for your replies and tips.

We are really excited to bring Bear home, seems like ages away though as we met him at 2 weeks old!

We will definately get some pics up this weekend!

So sleep is what we need then haha oh dear, Im not great at mornings but guess I will adjust very quickly!

Few more questions as we're getting prepared for homecoming...what garden plants would be dangerous to Bear? We have quite a blooming garden and Im worried that he may eat something he shouldnt.
Does anyone recommend a healthy training treat?

We have his cage all ready with lovely mattress, blanket and toys!

Thanks again all xx
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Oh sorry, forgot to say...not getting Bear from far away, literally 15 mins down the road. It was like fate the day we saw the ad. Have been searching for months online for local(ish) breeders and seem to only find them hour + away. Where he is is so ideal, wont be too far to travel home and we like the fact its all local to us. We're in Newbury, Berks x
welcome from jandaz love the name bear
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