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What a wonderful way to wake up!

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Here is my Archie this morning waking me up. Every morning at 7 on the dot he jumps in with me for a lovely cuddle and belly rub. What more could i ask for? Paws are usually round my neck.

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That is a lovely way to be woken up - can't beat a Cockapoo cuddle!
Oh lucky you Jackie - I'm not allowed to have my girls in bed :(
Archie is gorgeous, beautiful colour :)
The morning greeting is the best ever, good boy Archie!
hi Ali, i had to do alot of convincing to be honest but Archie does sleep in our room in his bed all night but seems to know when it's 7am. I love his cuddles as he is so gentle. :hug:
What a lovely little face - I agree its heaven on earth!:)
Adorable!! I love puppy snuggles any time of day!
Rufus is the same, best cuddles in the mornings. 😄

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My day starts with cockapoo cuddles in bed. I wouldn't miss it!
Another familiar view just before I get my face washed and ears cleaned ... Cockapoo style xx
If Beau sleeps with me instead of my daughter she comes up the bed and licks my face in the hope of waking me up!! If I want a lie I pretend to be alseep and she does a huge sigh and walks back down to the end of the bed and flops down to go back to sleep. Can't beat waking up to a Cockapoo cuddle though and this photo of Archie is gorgeous :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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