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What do you do when you have to be gone all day?

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We had plans to go to my aunt's house for Easter Dinner and if it was cool enough i was going to leave Olive in the car in her crate. I was going to leave the windows all the way open and she would have been fine. Well it's going to be a little too warm and sunny to leave her in the car and my aunt doesn't want her in the house. My mom is calling her to see if she'd be ok with me leaving the crate in the backyard with Olive in it. I think that would be ok, but can anyone think of a reason not to crate her outside? It's not hot here. Just too warm to be in a car. I'd leave her with water and food and take her for a walk at some point.

It got me thinking about what the rest of my life is going to be like though! I guess a lot of people leave their dog for the whole day when they go to family functions, but I can't see myself ever wanting to do that and definitely not right now when she is so young. Do most people on here bring their dogs with them for stuff like this?
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There is shade in the backyard. This is my dad's side of the family and they are so stuck up! My mom's family has welcomed us with Olive several times already and everyone loves her. My aunt just does not allow dogs in her house and i'm sure she's completely disgusted that i even asked to bring my 4 month old puppy. That probably goes against some type of rule she has too!

She is willing to let the dog stay in her crate in the backyard, but my mom said she sounded annoyed and asked if she would bark and ruin the dinner. I wouldn't bring a dog that I couldn't control to a family gathering. After all of this i don't even want to go and i'm thinking about just leaving Olive home and only stopping in at my aunt's to say hi and then leave! Olive is fine for about 4 hours alone so that is doable.
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We all just need to move to the same place and we'll be set! I ended up going and bringing Olive. I put her crate in the backyard and when i was inside she went in there. I was outside quite a bit though as were other people so she wasn't in the crate the whole time. Everyone loved her. Even my aunt! She ended up letting her in the house once it got dark. She felt bad for her outside. Cockapoos win everyone over!

I have no problem leaving her for up to 4 hours and do that at least 2 times a week, but it was a 45 minute drive each way so we wouldn't have been able to visit for long if I left her home.

It was kind of funny because they have a 13 year old black lab (yes they have a dog even thought my aunt didn't want my dog in the house!). Their dog is very well trained and friendly, but has very bad hips. Well Olive wanted to play so badly with Buddy, but he wanted none of her puppy business! He was so calm with her the whole time and then finally at night he just turned around and gave her a very deep growl. She instantly rolled to her back for him and did not bother him after that!
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