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I have Lolly's old crate (small 30" one) in the boot. I put it in sideways so it only takes up one side of the boot and is completely wedged between the seats and the door so it is safe. That way I can still put other stuff in the boot too without Lolly getting to it.
The only problem is it tends to rattle a bit - especially when Lolly isn't in it. I don't tend to notice it much anymore but my passengers always comment on it.

I also bought Lolly a car harness to wear and be able to sit on the back seat (when the boot is too full for her crate - or when she has clean paws and the kids want her with them) I thought she'd love looking out of the window but she tends to lie down as soon as the car starts going and would rather be in the foot well so I don't feel guilty putting her in the boot where she can't see out of the window as she's obviously not that bothered by it anyway!
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