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When do they outgrow CHEWING

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Dino is 8 mo and has really began being a stinker when it comes to chewing. We provide him with rawhides and loves to chew them when we are all close by... but when left unattended he has chewed a hole and de-stuffed Pebbles bed, chewed into a Christmas present in a room we weren't in- and today he used my treadmill mat as a chew toy!
Since we got Pebbles at a year old, we are not sure how much of this chewing is just puppy stuff or if he should have outgrown it by now?
Any thoughts? We do tell him 'bad boy' and scold him when he does these things... but what else?
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To be honest Buddy has always been a big chewer,however he has stopped chewing us but if he is left unatended he will chew anything he finds,i have to use the crate if i go out and make sure everyone remembers to shut their bedroom doors! im assumeing maybe it may stop nearer the age of 2?? but who knows it may never yikes!
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