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I'm suffering hugely from puppy blues at the moment. I love my 5 month old Ruby so so much but she's such a handful at times. Toilet training goes well most of the time but then we have days like today where she's peed 3 times inside in the same spot despite having just been outside and me on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor each time. She also loves to toilet on the carpet upstairs 😩 so my partner has to work downstairs at the moment which is taking it's toll on him too. We have bells but she's just not getting it.

She sleeps downstairs at home but if we go away she won't have it any other way than being with us in the room, which can be challenging.

She won't walk in urban areas but is great in countryside, even though I carry her to the end of our street every morning and she pulls all the way back to the house. Her recall is just brilliant inside or in our garden, but the second she is distracted that's it, nothing. She doesn't do it on walks either which means we can't walk her off lead.

It's just relentless sometimes. When will she start to chill and become less reliant on us/ fully toilet trained?

I'm so tired 😩
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