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It does get better Sheffgal123. We have a two year old, and now she is wonderful and requires very little effort. Ours became much easier from 6 months onwards.

To address your points individually:
- Toilet training: you mention that it goes well most of the time, so the good news is that she’s almost there. Like all pups, she will have ”accidents” because she gets distracted. We used Simple Solution spray to neutralise the odour when ours peed, it’s quick and easy to use, and discourages them from peeing in the same spot. And when she does go outside, continue to give her lots of praise and treats. Might be a bit early for bells if she’s only just house trained. She needs to be fully in control of her bladder before she can ring the bell. Stick with a schedule, extending the time gradually

- Sleeping: was she crate trained? If so, then whilst you may not need to crate her at home any longer, it can help settle them when away from home

- Walking: How about urban parks? Can she cope with those? Or quieter streets? Try getting her used to those, giving her lots of treats and praise, and then gradually progress to more challenging areas

- Recall: What you describe is normal. Ours loves balls, and is reluctant to come back onto the lead if here is one around. Have you tried training with a long lead (really long, one of the 5 or 10m ones)? Try using that in the park, where there are more distractions than in your garden

It will get easier over the next few weeks, I promise. Ruby is at the age where things start to get better, and in your post there are signs that she is learning, but that leaning just needs to bed down so it becomes second nature.
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