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Lots going on there, with toilet training make sure she is let out every hour and reward for anything outside. Inside clean with biological washing powder solution to make sure you are removing all traces of odour and never tell off for accidents. She is still young for telling you she needs to go out. They also forget when they go out sometimes so make sure you are watching to make sure she is not just getting distracted by exciting stuff like leaves!

Walking in urban areas she sounds scared and I don’t think what you are doing is going to help. If I am scared of spiders it does not matter how many times you carry me to the far end of the spider house and I run back out, each day is just reinforcing how scary it is. Instead of that if we hang around outside the place each day and play some games and have some treats I may be able to start to be happy going a little further and eventually I may realise it is not scary at all.

Recall out and about needs to be learned, so get a long training line (not flexi lead) and find her very best treats and toys then find a very boring empty field and start just calling her backwards and forwards between two people or if on your own start to walk then run backwards calling pup and reward really well with treats and/or toys
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