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When would the best time be

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Hi Guys,
So hubby is sold on getting another pup eventually. What we were talking about is when is the best time to get one for Lady, we don't want it to harm her personality in any way. We were reading in a book that you should wait till your first dog is 3 years old. Does anyone have any opinions on when the best time to get number two would be???
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I am sorry Amanda you aren't allowed to get another one! I have just got over my acute broody state and if you get a new puppy it will be unbearable!!!!! I have read that a year old is a good time to get a second xx
LOL! Cara, heheheh ;) Well she is 8 months ....eee a year isn't too far to wait at all. It is all these pictures of adorable pups that sure make me want to get number 2....and hubby needs a snuggle buddy, lady always choses me over him
You're secretly hoping number 2 will choose you too! xx
Heheheheh well is it really a hard choice???? lol
When I look at all the gorgeous puppy pics it so makes me what another one too!!!

Cara, I also heard that around a year is generally a good time to get a second dog.

So jealous but living in a flat and on my own may make a second one a bit difficult and costly for me!!! If I won the lottery (for a start I'd have to actually play the lottery!!) then I would buy a lovely country house and defo have more dogs!!!
It 'll definitely choose you ... just dont tell your hubby ...Super news, how exciting. Wilf was 3 but that was nt deliberate it was just that i wanted to do it but too scared that Id make a mistake. I think most people on here their dogs were younger... Kendals, Bethany, Rascal and Scamp... so Id go for it x
Rascal was just over a yr when we got Scamp, he was very tolerant and looked after him, he slept with him and licked him !
They are half brothers and most of the time are lovely, Rascal is still top dog even tho Scamp is now bigger.
Occasional arguments over toys , but they are really funny together.
their was only about 11 weeks between getting Gypsy and Inca but 2 years bwtween them and Echo and another 2 years before Delta.

its up to you, when the right time is for you.

just remember she may not like the pup at first, but they will get on fin one things have settled down.
awesome guys! thanks....wow only 11 weeks! that is close together Kendal. So I guess we will just wait to see when some pups become available and go from there.
lol we had our name down for Incas litter for a gold and Gypsy's owners cancelled due to family illness so we took her and just decided to change our name for a black asking for a contrast to Gypsy.

funnely enough my mums too cockers were the same age apart when she got them as Tico was for her 1st wedding aniversery and Mitzi was for her birthday.
awww that's cute....see fate again!!
When I look at all the gorgeous puppy pics it so makes me what another one too!!!
I'm keeping quiet ;)
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