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I couldn't say for sure what the situation is with Curious Puppies. I actually just got a puppy from them 3 weeks ago (male golden doodle F1b). He has an amazing, friendly personality with everyone he meets, not shy or timid either. None of the personality hallmarks of a puppy mill so I question if the places Curious Puppies sources their dogs are indeed puppy mills or just farms where the dogs are born and raised by a decent other family and sold through a broker. His first night home he took well to the crate, didn't have an accident and slept through the night. There are a few things that aren't ideal with them such as yes, they are a broker and don't seem to know the family history of their puppies,. They sell them at 8 weeks, which is fairly standard these days it seems but some do recommend waiting longer. Reaching them by phone seems to be very hard and their 2 year guarantee skips a few things such as heart murmurs for some reason. The family seems to be quite nice and their training videos are helpful. I've been very happy with my dog so far.
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