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Where to buy a cockapoo in Ontario, Canada

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Hello all,

I am new to this forum. Actually, I joined hoping to get some assistance with finding a legitimate, reputable, local breeder (or maybe not so local but worth a long drive), and figured once I get a puppy, it would be a great forum to get advice from, and share stories.

I am in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and looking for a puppy to welcome into our family in the very near future. Some of the reputable looking breeders I have found have waiting lists, which could mean waiting for as long as 6-12 months for a puppy. I really don't want to have to wait that long.

I have come across some scary sounding breeders and brokers along the way, which I know to stay as far away from, as possible.

Can anyone recommend a reputable breeder with healthy puppies, that don't come from a puppy mill? Don't worry about how far away they may be, I am willing to travel a fair distance for a healthy puppy who was a product of a healthy breeding practice. Please note though, Sudbury, North Bay, and Ottawa are definitely among the places I consider too far!

Is there a benefit to being registered with the ACC? At first I thought so, but after seeing one of their Ontario breeders appears to be running a puppy mill, I question if there is any merit to the ACC.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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can't help but just to say I guess in the USA and Canada because of the vast distances it is tempting to get a pup online without ever visiting the breeder, no excuse in the Uk as nowhere is really too far to travel. Sadly pups born in those terrible conditions are often transported to lovely looking homes and shown to people with another female dog which they say is Mum. They will use all kinds of tactics because there is plenty of money involved, you do have to be so careful. I did pay the deposit for Dudley with only online communication but I know I would have walked away if I had not liked the set up when I visited later on- I know not everyone could do that though.
couldn't resist having a peek, not that much info other than they have a lot of space! no pictures of the set up etc, it does say you could have a refund if you choose not to have a pup, i would personally want to get more info and really try to visit them. I didn't visit Dudley's breeder until pup was 6 weeks to choose (then went back a couple of weeks later to collect), he was a fair distance from me otherwise i would have asked to go earlier, he does advertise that you can't visit pups until 6 weeks but I do know of others who had visited when he didn't have pups just for fact finding, and I had spoken personally to other people who recommended him so I was pretty confident I would be happy. - oh and his love and enthusiasm for the dogs shone through when chatting on the phone so that gives a good impression too, good luck, hope they are good breeders.
It does make you wonder how they are allowed to remain in business, if they are so inhumane. I am happy to hear that you know of a woman, who does not run a mill, but who uses brokers to sell her pups. Everything I read suggested that breeders would never use a broker to sell their pups; you have just proved that wrong! :)
I don't know about over there but sadly there are many places over here (especially in Ireland and Wales) which i would class as a puppy mill/farm but are just classed as licenced breeders, and if the dogs are not being physically abused (well not when inspectors call anyway) and are given enough food and water then the councils think it is ok to grant them a licence, despite them keeping literally hundreds of dogs which get limited human interaction, no exercise other than a small pen and pups are removed and shipped at a young age. the worst ones do get shut down occasionally, good job but there are loads more that should be.
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