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Hello, I am also looking for a good breeder for a Cockapoo in Ontario.
Looked at Pets in the Country and also Perfect Puppies and both look great on paper but so hard to know!
Would love it if someone can tell me their experience with either or send me a contact for another breeder they know is reputable.

Hello, I'm not sure if you are still looking for a puppy or where whatsuppup found hers from. But she did mention finding a breeder in Bancroft and I suspect that it is the same one I got Poppy from. It was a 3hr drive for us to pick Poppy up but it was worth it. She has such a good temperment and so playful & loving. The breeder had a large kennle for all her pups, which you can go and see. All the parents are there too if you wanted to look at them. The breeder also starts potty training them from birth and so we did not have any mojor issues with training Poppy apart from little accidents here and there when we first got her. Before we picked her up we were sent a list of supplies to prepare for and a few doctuments to read up on how to train and take care of the new pup which was very helpful.

My cousin also got her cockapoo from the same breeder 3 years ago and he is so lovely and calm. His parents are not the same as Poppy's. When he is with Poppy he just lets her do what she want to him, be it taking over his toys and bed or jumping on him to play. When she gets to much he will bark at her and 'put her in her place' and then its back to playing. Poppy adores him.

Poppy's health was guaranteed for a year (eventhough Poppy started having anal gland issues a few months ago, which is not normal for pups) she has not had any other health issues which could be traced to improper care on the breeders end. She came with her first shots as well. The only thing I was not a big fan of was the food which was Royal Canin, but you can change that later on. We also got a pasport and documents with the names of her parents for any future reference.

Good luck finding your puppy :)

Just editing this post because I looked up Perfect Puppies and I saw at the bottom a little signpost saying "Home of Dillabough's Dogs" which also happened to be the same last name as the breeder I got Poppy from, but not the same site or lady. So I went to check the address for Perfect Puppes to see if matches A&R but I couldnt find one on that site which I thought was weird. So I am suspecting that they are family related.
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