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Which puppy food?

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Hi, I am thinking about changing Lola's food and wondered if anyone had any recommendations. She is currently on Beta puppy dry food (from breeder) and I would like to keep her on a dry food but my vet suggested Beta wasn't such a great brand. He said they recommended proplan but I assume he is on a deal as that is what they sell! When I looked into it, Beta does seem to be a middle of the road brand, that said, Lola likes it and is thriving. I am getting to the end of the bag of food so need to decide this week so I have enough to wean her off one and onto the other. I was thinking of Burns as a possible alternative. Or should I just leave well alone and keep her on Beta?! She is 11 weeks now and 3KG. This is worse than having a baby!! X
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We buy Vincent Wainwrights from Pets at Home. It's a higher end one, but not too expensive
Beta is made by purina- makers of proplan. Not as high quality ingredients as proplan which is why it is cheaper but not a terrible food. Quite high in cereal so most people find their dogs get smelly wind on it!!

Proplan is a very good food, i have used it in the past. A lot of people on here use barking heads, i have just ordered a bag for mine to try and it looks greatand they love it.

If she is doing well on it and you are happy with it, i wouldn't see any reason to change. :)
Do you want to stick to kibble food. Popular kibble feed on here is Barking Heads, Orijen, Burns, James Welbeloved

If you're thinking about swapping over to the raw diet (Barf) a lot of us use Natural Instinct a full balanced meal that is ground up raw meat, bones, veg and oil.

Personally if your poo is thriving and happy on Beta I would stick to it! So many of us with poos have had problems with them not eating and refusing food. Cockapoos are notoriously fussy. Bonnie and Dexter came to me on Beta. They were fine initially then just stopped eating it. I tried several brands then finally they decided on a raw diet. They still refuse their food sometimes but at least they will always eat their raw meaty bones.
Jarvis was given to me on Beta and was fine however I changed him onto Barking Head of which he adores purely because of the superior ingredients, although I wouldn't rush. X

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Thank you! I have bought some barking heads puppy food this morning and she wolfed down her lunch (I only added a bit of the new food) so hopefully the change will be a success. Fingers crossed x
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