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Which puppy shampoo

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I know a lot of you use the Tropiclean shampoo but there seem to be lots of different ones. Which might be best for a new puppy?

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I use the tropiclean papaya shampoo - luxury 2 in 1. It smellls AMAZING and makes Nacho very cute, clean and fluffy!
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I use the Kong shampoos...the puppy one is so soft, keeps her smelling great for ages, and was nice for my hands too which get really dry....now that she isn't a puppy anymore, we have moved on to the moisturizing one...it is in a pink bottle....and I think Jojo uses Pet head.
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I was just at the pet store the other day looking at shampoos! I think i spent more time looking at dog shampoo than i do looking at shampoo for myself! I ended up getting the pet head for puppies, but that was just based on the fact that is smells really good!

I was looking at the kong ones too so maybe i'll try that next.
I use pethead- smells yummy!!
i also use pet heads on eden,make her smell lovely,and her fur soft and silky.
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