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I use a whistle with Flo but like Julie says sometimes she is so distracted she doesn't hear it so I make another unusual sound to get her attention then when I have her attention use the whistle.

When you are first whistle training only use it when you are pretty sure he'll come otherwise you are teaching him not to come when called and also whistle when he is on his way back so he knows whistle means come back - praise when he gets to you. It's only when they are well trained and more mature that you can rely on the whistle recall to work whatever the situation so don't expect too much too soon.

In this movie you can see her pretty much ignoring the whistle (by rights I wouldn't have used the whistle at this point as I know she won't respond) but once I have her attention with a silly noise she will happily return to the whistle.


At 18 months she's pretty reliable at recall with the whistle and I usually use it to call her when she's disappeared off over the fields. I generally use COME ON for 'keep up or walk with me', HERE for 'come to me now' and the whistle when she is at a distance.
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