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Wilf and Mabel

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lol there is 11 weeks between Gypsy and Inca, 2 years between them and Echo and 2 years between Echo and Delta so 4 years between Gypsy/Inca and Delta.
lol when we contacted the breeder she was the only cockapoo breeder we could find, we were looking for a gold (mum had gold and a black cockers) she said her golds in the litter were all spoken for she only had 2 black boys, but she had a litter due that should have golds, so we put our name down. we then looked a couple of hours later that day to show a family friend what were were getting ad red that she had a gold girl available. so mum called her and she said she had been waiting for us to call, she was only going to give us another couple of hours then have to offer her to someone ells. we said we would take her, so she said she would take our name off the other list, but mum said no keep our name but change it to black pup.

the funny thing is their is about the same age gap between mum mums cockers in the same order two, the Gold Tico August for her 1st wedding anniversary
lol dad asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted a dog, he said no its meant to be paper, m,y mum said yes i want a pedigree dog she will come with a paper pedigree lol then for her birthday in November she asked for another dog Mitzi so their were about 12 week between getting them. lol

so it was always planned we would get 2 dogs.
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lol yeah mum had poodels as a child, but for her 18th birthday she got a picture box of chococlat which had 3 golden cocker puppys on in, that was when she decided she wanted a cocker lol.
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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