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Wilf and Mable say thankyou x

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Well our Mommy was so excited after answering the door to the postman once we had barked to tell her that he was there. She got a package that smelt lovely all the way from somewhere called Canada, it turned out that it contained that forbidden delicacy chocolate for our Mommy , and beautiful bandanas for us... we could nt wait to put them on and model them for all our cockapoo friends. A massive thankyou to the beautiful Lady and her Mommy Mo :D

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OMG!!!! YAY!!!! THEY LOOK SO AWESOME ON THEM!!! I am so happy that you got the package!!!
:D :D
Awww how cute do they look!!!! and I got pictures and everything i feel so special!!!!
Thanks for the pics Karen!!! I will have to show hubby when I get home from work!!
:party2::party2::party2::party::party::bday::bday::bday::bday:was yesterday Mable's Birthday???

Oh my gosh so adorable :D

Whenever I see the Canadian flag I think of maple syrup :p :eek:
Wow they look fantastic Karen! Nice one Mo ;)


LOL! yes we are well known for our maple syrup!
funny thing....I hate maple syrup....all of my friends laugh at me because of it.
Thankyou, thankyou... its so exciting to receive a package through the post especially when your not quite sure whats inside. Tell your husband that we are very grateful for all your lovely effort,skill and time involved in making them. Will just have to test the chocolate later... oh no. Yes it was Mables birthday and also my daughters so a double celebration, although after a long steep woodland walk with Mable dashing around I thought we needed a trip to the vets as she was limping and had to carry her back to the car but after a rest she was ok... have continued to let her rest today and Im going to take her for a lead walk later.
awww....poor girl!!! I hope she is ok!!
And let me know what you think of the Chocolate!! they are two of my favs!
I thought we needed a trip to the vets as she was limping and had to carry her back to the car but after a rest she was ok... have continued to let her rest today and Im going to take her for a lead walk later.
Karen, hope Mabel is ok? Do let us know later.
I think she's ok now really Clare thanks, she was limping after charging around so i carried her to the car, she was very quiet, she sat on my siters knee and could nt hold her front paw comfortabley and was very quiet at that point I assumed we'd be straight to the vets. However her paws were covered in mud and fern etc so I took her home to rinse her legs, I did nt want to put any pressure on her to dry her so just held her in the towel, she then proceeded to jump and want to play with my sisters dog!!! So I put her in her crate to rest and went to my sisters giving her chance to just rest it, when I came home she seemed fine but after a while would lift it off the floor but was nt bothered by it, so scalped her leg to have a look.... followed by the other three. Later in the evening she'd stopped but just thought darting around was nt a good idea today so Im lead walking later, fingers crossed but I'm sure she'll be fine :D
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Loving that pic :) :) ...

What stunning cockapoos you have Karen

... lovely pressie Mo & Lady :)
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What a lovely gift! Wilf and Mable look gorgeous!

Maybe we should have a secret santa here at ILMC! We could all add our name to a list and we PM our address to the person above and we send a small (under £5 maybe) gift from our dog to yours! With the claus that a photo has to be added after xmas of each dog with their gift!
Sounds like a good idea to me Janet x
Glad Mabel is feeling better today.Love the photos they look well cool:)
Thanks Andy i think St Ives would have been a safer option, kids already have their eyes on the Canadian Candy and Mable looks decidedly french/Canadian with her bandana ;)
Well if you like the Candy maybe I can send some more for the kids...lol....hahah Mable French/Canadian...lol if Mable is french Canadian the Wilf is an East coster for sure! lol ;)

I think the Secret Santa is a really cool idea!!! as long as no one minds the extra post charges to Canada
Think I'll be sharing it Amanda but thankyou anyway.... Christmas how scary x x
Yep count me in for 3 secret Santas :) :) :)

shhh just dont tell hubby .....
yeay, i love cockapoo bandannas. they look very fetching in them. well done.
Thanks Kendal!! They look so cute!
I made Lady 2 different ones as well, one girly one with cupcakes on it and in that is brown and pink paisley.
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