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Hello! I have a 4 month old F1 cockapoo named Birdie. She is such a good little dog, and we love her very much! I've been working with her daily on keeping her combed and brushed out, and she has already had her first FFS grooming and did well. I am curious, though, what kind of coat changes we might expect with her as she grows. She is very silky soft, but more wavy than curly right now, except for the very tips of her ears. Anyone have a pup whose coat looked similar, and how did their coat change over time? I'm just wondering if she might get more curly, or if it's likely the silky puppy coat will become more course over time. Would love to hear others experiences, or see photos of your sweet pups! Thanks!

(Don't mind the muddiness in the photos; impossible to avoid this time of year!)
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