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Wish you were here........

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Having a great time on Heacham beach!!

I got lovely and muddy as good cockapoos should do, I found a big fish for my tea and boy does this salt water make me thirsty!


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Flo is a very soggy and sandy cockapoo .. what a fab time she is having .. yep I wish we were there too :) :)
Wow that's a big fish! Flo is gorgeous - love the last pic. x
Looks like Flo had a great time - I'm sure Scarlett would love to be there with her! And that fish is huge!! Bigger than Flo!
Flip that fish is nearly a shark...
Oh, wish we were there! Did enjoy our visit to Norfolk a month ago. Like the fish! Polly found a few for me on beaches! :)
Way to go Flo, a great time was had.
I'm being ditzy, I thought it was a big stick :eek:
awww! great pics! Thanks for Sharing!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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