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i hope this works, it should be a pic of wispa at last!
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Awww, Wispa is very cute! In this pic, Wispa looks just like Dave's dog, Benny :)
lol i know, ive been trying to get pics on here for ages and finally worked it out so here are some more!

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aww she is so cute. lovely photos.
She's a very pretty girl. :D I really love her coat; so thick and dark and slightly wavy, I hope the color never fades! how old is she? How heavy/tall is she?
thanks guys she is 8 months old tomorrow and 15 inches (38cm) tall and is 11kg (24lbs) and as mad as a hatter! but she is my little shadow who goes everywhere with me, :D
She's a big girl. :D When I first scrolled down, I agree I thought she looked like Ben. Just looking at the top of her head and her eyes, they do look similar. :p
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