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Woody 10 weeks

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Woody is like a cuddly toy! Love his white socks! x
YES! Just a toy....oh my what a cutie pie.
He is just gorgeous!!! I love his markings,so cute!! xxx
Is that a shoe lace I can see him pulling on x

Very cute x
Woody has got hold of my camera strap but he loves shoe laces too.:)
He is gorgeous, did you get him from a breeder called Nicki? Just asking as got my 5 month old Apricot Cockapoo from her :)
Wow! He is supercute! :)
How cute,he dosnt look real,id love to see more photos his colouring looks lush!
Hi will put more photos on very soon. We did get him fron Nicki in Chieveley, her dogs and puppies are lovely:) Thanks for the lovely comments we love him very much.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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