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Worries resolved?

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Thank you everyone for your posts regarding Nacho on the road and your reassurances about leaving Nacho in April. Thought I'd start an new thread with new news!

I have an update....

I rang my partner (tom) last night (he works away during the week) and he suggested that Nacho goes to his families home in Bristol when we are away. His parents are coming on the trip with us but his brother and his girlfriend will be looking after their family dog 'Buddy' the golden retriever over that period anyway. Some of you might remember my photographs from Christmas with Nacho, Buddy and the cat lined up at the water bowl. They completely fell in love with one another and Nacho was so relaxed and happy there. SO.... I don't know why we didn't think of it before but Tom is going to ask his bro whether he will look after Nacho too whilst we are away. A nice enclosed garden, a Buddy :D, long walks everyday.... ahhh i'm so relieved PLUS it won't upset my dad giving Nacho to my mum (i'm sure that would have created a nice feud) AND I will get to see Nacho straight away when we get back from the hols as I will be staying in Bristol overnight to break up the journey from London to Cornwall. HORRAY! - I just need Gareth to say yes now! Fingers crossed for me everyone! :) :)

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That's sound like a plan hun!!!! Fingers x for you and sure Nacho will love to have some fun with Buddy. :)
So pleased you may have found a solution so you can just get on and
enjoy your holiday:)
Sounds perfect and means you get to have a worry free holiday x
Hurrah - I knew there had to be a solution. Let us know what he says!
That sounds great! I'm sure Nacho would have a brilliant time too! Hope he says 'yes'!
Sounds like a great plan Susie :) :) if only our poos knew how much we worried about them hey :)

Fab pic by the way xxx
Sounds like a great plan! Fingers crossed for you. x
Lol, I hope Tom's brother thinks its a good plan too. If he's any doubt, just show him this thread, with everyone say, - brilliant good plan :D Nothing like a bit of peer pressure :D

I love the picture of them both looking lovely, they would make great holiday buddies.
Sounds like the ideal solution..all that worrying for nothing :D
Phew!!! Thank goodness for that :D
Yay! Sounds perfect
Wonderful news. It's so stressful isn't it deciding what we are going to do with our furry babies. I have an issue for 4 days in June / July and it's killing me. Hopefully Simon (my boyfriend) comes up with a plan like yours did. x
Hi All.

Thanks everyone for crossing your fingers and toes for me. Tom's bro has said 'yes!' Horray! Very happy and I can now relax and start getting excited for the holiday. 5 weeks to go!! WOOP WOOP xx
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YEAY! :D I am glad Nacho will be happy with his big bud!
Great news. Nothing like knowing your baby is in good hands so you can enjoy your holiday. :D :whoo:
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