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Step away from google and satisfy yourself that you are doing the best for him and once you have that information you will be much better informed about how to move forwards with treating him. If they don’t show anything you can ask for him to be referred to somewhere else for them to check him over.

I know when Molly was first diagnosed she was in lots of pain from something and my vets had her for the day for X-rays and told me she was fine and must have been a pulled muscle. I asked for referral to the wonderful physio team I had used before with my previous dog and they diagnosed severe luxating patella in both back legs. Later speaking to one of the senior vets at my local practice he was not at all happy that they had missed it (it was not him who had examined her though). All of that was 11 years ago and despite her issues she has lived life to the full.

Good luck and keep us informed.
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