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Amazingly despite walking through a field everynight that is bordered by a stream and then along a foot path also bordered by the same stream, Daisy has not been in yet. I think she hasn't realised that it is there! Once she does, I reckon that will be it! :eek:
Well Monty is not fussed by water although on a visit to my sisters he has had a swim in the sea, but only the once.

Moogie hasn't shown much interest up till now!!

The other week we went for a short drive to find a different place to take them and I pulled up at a layby near a public footpath.

It was great. Over a farmers field, then into a nice area with two lakes that had swans and ducks and we never saw one person!!!

A couple of times Moogie headed towards Lake but after telling her no and calling her she refrained.

However temptation was too much and she decided to go for a paddle!! we got her out quickly and carried on our walk. Turned around to come back and all was going well till the quacking of the birds was just too intriguing.

Got almost to the end of the lake and she bloody well run off and just dived into the lake :eek:

I was scared and hubby run off to get her - madam wouldn't come out!!!

Think she was trying to swim to the swans. She did come out and was soaked.

Worst of all I had no towels in my car!!! but did have some baby wipes- so hubby had to wiped her down with them.

She stunk too!! so they both had a shower as soon as they got home.

So we haven't been back since and in future need to be more wary if there is water around.

Monty was good though- but then Mr wussy knickers probably wouldn't want to get wet.:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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