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We took the Cavvie we had to a groomer a few years ago and I checked several times that they knew how to groom a Cavvie as they have the feathers etc. The lady in charge insisted she did so I left Daisy with her and when I collected her a couple of hours later there was a Shih Tzu, a Lhasa Apso and Daisy (our Cavvie) and everyone of them had been shaved! I complained to the owner and her response was "a lot of people like the shaved look as easier to look after"!! I told her that I had specifically asked for the proper Cavvie cut but she just shrugged and said that is what they do! Needless to say we never went back there but did find another great groomer who listened to what we wanted and the original groomer closed down within 6 months :) I am still grooming Beau myself at the moment as learned from Daisy that I needed to keep on top of everything from day one and so far am winning the battle!

I am so sorry you have had this happen but it will grow back and I would still complain as that is not what you asked for though I am sure the gorgeous Olive still looks gorgeous :) x
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