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Love this!!! Yogi looks to have taken to Costa like a duck to water, so cute!!!!

Betty's first socialisation when i got her was a trip to Costa!! She now sits as we get to the door so i can pick her up to go in and get my coffee!

Swiftly following costa training was "lying under the pub table" training which thankfully she took to very quickly!!!


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Julia that is a lovely photo of you as well as the dog, you look so young and pretty (the dog is of course very cute).
Wow Cara, thank you, will you be my best friend LOL.:star: I can't afford to let myself go yet as I only upgraded three years ago this December from a husband 6 years my senior to Stephen, 4 years my junior. Mind you he says "I work him like a dog" and thinks he's going to age really quickly with this lifestyle :laugh::laugh::laugh: J xx
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