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Yorkshire meet finalised

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Hi everyone :)

So I know there was some interest when I did mention the walk a while back, so have set a date to see if people are still up for it.

Sunday 27th November at York racecourse :)

So if people would be interested please reply & let me know :D
Would be lovely to meet lots of you ILMC members!

Laura x

P.S. Possibly around 12 noon, but would appreciate opinions on this?
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Hi, Yes, Ted and I will be there. 12 noon would be perfect for us. We have a lunch invite for 2 p.m. in York so it would be perfect to walk up an apetite!! I have a friend with a 14 month old cockerpoo and she would like to come too. Does she have to register on here first or can she come as a "guest"??? See you then
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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